September 23, 2014


Disclaimer: It should go without saying that these are by all means fictitious tales. I want to make this absolutely clear: This is not a new revelation from God. I am not dictating the Word of God. Please take everything I say here with great caution and perfect deference to the Bible. This is simply one man’s poor attempt at imagining what it would have been like to be Adam. I have tried to remain faithful to the Bible’s account and to not deviate from it.

Day 3

The morning came and I awoke to the sound of birds chirping beside me. They seemed to be joyfully dancing across the ground and playing a game of chasing each other. Then I noticed they were eating fruit from the ground. But one of them started to fly off with the fruit, and the others flew after him. They started fighting with the first bird and trying to steal back the fruit. My heart sank. I gasped in horror. What was happening?! It was so wrong and unpleasant to watch in the beautiful paradise. I could not comprehend this unkindness in the birds, which seemed to me to be the most harmless and cheerful of animals.

Without thinking, I rose to my knees and cried out, “O my Father, what is this?!”

I did not see Him appear, but without delay, the Lord was there standing beside me. His hand reached down to my shoulder.[1] “This is the way of life apart from Me, Adam. See and understand.[2] Though I did not make these animals evil or unkind, they do not walk in My Light nor do they know or understand wisdom and holiness. They are without knowledge.[3] They can only act according to their blind senses. They desire only their own ways and to feed their own bellies, because they are but animals without true life in Me. They do not have self-control. They do not understand as you do that life is more than food.”[4]

I wondered for a moment at these sayings. What a pointless life these animals must have! What a sad life. “Why did You make such unfeeling animals, my Lord?”

“They are for your pleasure.[5] The pain and hurt is for your instruction.[6] By seeing them, you know your own blessedness. These animals are here to reveal to you life and death, foolishness and wisdom, and joy and sorrow. But remember how I have told you, beware[7] lest you partake of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, lest you die and lose your life and joy.”

I bowed in worship. I did truly feel blessed to know Him and to be alive. I worshipped Him for His wisdom and kindness. Knowledge of Him was what set me apart from all the animals, and such knowledge was unspeakable. Tears of joy nearly gushed out from my eyes. “May I never partake of that horrible tree, my God!”

“Adam, my beloved son, you are made in My image and have the gift of free will. You always have before you the choice between Life and Death.[8] It is a simple choice, but you must guard yourself from drifting from Me, for I am your Life and your Light. None can know Life but in Me.”[9]

It was then that I realized that all of this Creation testified of this truth: The air I breathed, the water I drank, the food I was sustained by, the ground that supported me, and the sun that warmed me were all there to remind me that I could not live apart from Him.

But, then I wondered at something, “Are there others who know Life in You?”

“Yes, and I have more to speak to you of that later. There are other spirits—Sons of God[10]—who dwell in the Third Heaven[11] where you cannot go yet, but they can see you and are even now ministering to you[12] in this world. Beware, however, for there are also evil ones among these spirits who have turned from Me to their own destruction and death. They will seek to deceive you.”

Once more, I spent much of the day talking with the Lord about many things like these. His wisdom was boundless. I was continually in awe of His unsearchable[13] depth of character.

After this more animals were brought before me to name. The variety of animals impressed me, and I asked the Lord how many animals there were in the world. He told me that there were so many that no one could ever count them all. The world was huge and the animals were different from region to region. He said that there would always be new things to discover.

The evening brought another vision of Creation:

The Angel of the Lord, hovering over the waters, spoke and said that the waters should be gathered together unto one place and that dry land should appear.[14] There were earthquakes and lightnings and thundering, and the hills from beneath the waters rose up; and, beneath the waters, I could see the valleys sinking down deep within the earth.[15] I did not understand, but I saw fountains of fire and smoke bursting also forth from the earth and darkening the sky. The land grew as the mountains continually rose up.

I heard the Lord name the land Earth and the waters Seas.[16]

It was as if by the breath of His voice, He gathered the land together and formed a unified whole. The land struggled and wrested and turned. It broke apart and spread to the four winds of the Earth and changed. Again and again, the land was gathered together by Him and struggled and broke apart and changed.

So God spoke and set a limit for the waters that they might never again cover over the whole land.[17] He said, “Thus far you may come and no farther, and here your proud waves shall be stopped.”[18]

Then He spoke, “Let the Earth be causing simple vegetation to be coming forth, plants seeding seed, and then fruitful trees producing fruit according to its kind, whichever seed is in it on the Earth.”[19] The Earth obeyed. Green vegetation sprang up from the Earth.[20] The Earth came to be covered with green vegetation. Then I beheld simple plants also coming up. These multiplied upon the Earth.

The Earth soon grew cold, ice covered many parts of the seas and the land, and blankets of clouds hovered low over the land. Yet it was not long before I saw the ice begin melting.

In the waters, I saw strange creatures springing up and multiplying. I heard the Lord speak to me, “Child, these strange creatures you see are destined to perish from the Earth. They are to give rise later to the creatures of the Seas that are in your days.”

I looked back to the Earth and plants were flourishing in the cloudy world. I continued to watch and ferns arose, mosses, bushes, and strange trees. I observed that the vegetation was changing and new kinds were appearing and understood that all kinds of plants would come to appear from these plants after many generations.

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September 04, 2014

Lower Cambrian Complexity

If humans had been the first living creatures on earth, shown by the fossil record, the theory of Darwinian evolution would not exist. Darwin would have never considered such a theory because it would be preposterous. As we all know, Darwinism only works if there is gradual change. Along came Punctuated Equilibrium (which I hardly consider a theory but more of a description of how evolution has worked), which said that evolution happens more rapidly but less frequently, with long periods of stasis between bursts of speciation. Even in this “theory” new species cannot form overnight. Under no circumstances should a fly be able to evolve into a hopping insect in a few generations. Without getting into the nitty-gritty of how to calculate the maximum rate of evolution (which I think is almost impossible to calculate theoretically in Darwinism), it is intuitively obvious that un-designed evolution has a speed limit. That speed limit might change through time, but there must always be a maximum rate of change.

So, why do I mention this point? The Cambrian Explosion is problematic to Darwinists, and they have known for a long time. That’s why they keep trying to find earlier, simpler creatures that led up to the Trilobites and other complex organisms that arose rapidly in that period of time. That’s why some have proposed a genetic toolkit must have existed before these Cambrian and Ediacaran creatures. Whenever a new complex creature is found fossilized in the Cambrian layers, that increases the difficulty of explaining how evolution appears to have moved along so rapidly.

That brings us to the latest enigmatic Cambrian fossil that has been found, called Metaspriggina. It’s a vertebrate fish, apparently complete with binocular eyes, complex digestive system, gills, muscles, nerves, nasal sacs, and blood vessels.[2,3] This creature existed in the early Cambrian, some 540 – 500 Ma, perhaps even before the famous trilobites. And while this fish is being called “primitive,” there is no reason why this fish wouldn’t be able to exist in today’s modern oceans. It was a fully functional fish with complex features. How would these complex anatomical features evolve so rapidly? (Binocular eyes, by the way, supposedly evolved from simple pinpoint photoreceptor eyespots to a pinhole eye to a lens-based eye.[1] The evolution of such a complex organ would take many millions of years even under conservative estimates. There is no clear progression of less complex eyes to more complex eyes in the Cambrian Explosion, especially with this new fossil under consideration.)

Even as someone who believes that evolution was an intelligent, designed process that happened with efficiency, I consider this rate of evolution to be incredible and almost unbelievable. How much more unbelievable should it be if evolution were an unintelligent, random process? To me personally, Darwinism now borders on absurdity. How do you have simple plantlike organisms going to complex vertebrate animals in about 70 million years, with little fossil evidence of intermediate forms? I’m tempted to question whether or not any kind of evolution can explain the fossil record. No, I’m not ready to toss the theory of created evolution, but there are major questions that need some answers.


July 26, 2014


Disclaimer: It should go without saying that these are by all means fictitious tales. I want to make this absolutely clear: This is not a new revelation from God. I am not dictating the Word of God. Please take everything I say here with great caution and perfect deference to the Bible. This is simply one man’s poor attempt at imagining what it would have been like to be Adam. I have tried to remain faithful to the Bible’s account and to not deviate from it.

Day 2

When I awoke in the morning, He was smiling down at me. The smile: the pleasure of my Father was then a delight to me. It was satisfying to know He was pleased with me.

“My Father,” I spoke, “You are better than all this world, and I am glad You have returned!”

“Son, I never truly left you alone. Not even the farthest heavens can contain Me,[1] and yet I dwell always with you, Adam. Someday you will need to know that truth.” There was a short moment of sadness in His face that I did not then understand. “Yet, even so, it is not good for you to be alone in this garden when I leave you.[2] –Come, there is work for you to do.”

He set me to the work of naming all the kinds of animals in the region.[3] They all came to me at the Lord’s direction. Birds, lions, camels, deer, serpents, rodents, goats, horses, swine, and many other animals. It was an enjoyable task. I grouped the animals into several main classes: birds, wild beasts, grazing animals, scurrying animals, and slithering, crawling, or hopping animals.[4] The lions were of the beasts, the goats were of the grazing animals, and the rodents were of the scurrying animals. Each animal was named using these five classes.[5] I named them according to their features and their sizes and their movements—a name befitting each one.

In all this naming, it became clear to me that none of them were anything like me.[6] So, I asked my Lord, “Am I the only one of my kind? Have not all of these animals mates? Why am I so different from these?”

“I have many things to teach you, Adam.[7] All things will become known to you in time. You alone of all creatures have been made in My Image and in My likeness.[8] You know Me because you are a living spirit.[9] You are an eternal spirit. You see these animals are different. They have no awareness of Me. They have not the understanding of self or reasoning or contemplation that you possess. You alone were made to walk with Me and to delight in Me. You are made for wonderment; they are made for you.[10] Yet, shortly you will have one like yourself, who is comparable to you.”[11] 

Then I inquired about the vision of the night, wondering at what it was and why I had seen it.

“I have revealed to you the First Day of My creation. You are being given the knowledge of the creation from the beginning, so that all may know of My work from the Ages of Old.”[12] 

The afternoon was sweet as I walked and talked with my Father and Lord regarding many things of which I cannot now all recount accurately. He spoke to me of the stars, of the earth, of the sky, and of the animals. He explained the circuits of the moon and the wind. He answered all my deep questions. He withheld no knowledge from me that related to the world. Much of Himself He revealed, also. Yet, the future He told me was not for me to know,[13] and which was something I contentedly accepted. He also told me that He wished for me to study the world and learn much on my own. I was designed to seek, to study, and to apprehend knowledge and understanding and wisdom. In honor of that, from that point on, I asked Him no more of my questions regarding the world, for I thought it best to heed His infinite wisdom and to seek to gain understanding by observing all things.

It happened again that the evening came, and I slept and had another great vision of Creation:

The earth, formless and barren,[14] was first in my vision. The Sea waters had become deep upon the earth, and the mist was still thick within the sky. Then, I heard the voice of God say, “Let there come to be an expanse in the middle of the waters, and let the expanse separate between the waters below and waters above.”[15] And so it was that the waters in the air collected and separated from the air. The mist cleared, and the waters below formed clouds above which rained down in an endless cycle.[16] So an expanse of clear air was formed between the Seas and the clouds.[17] The clouds lay thickly, high within the expanse. There was yet no sun or moon or stars seen above, neither were there any birds flying in the sky. Yet, even so, there was sufficient light brighter than the light of many moons.

Then God spoke and said, This is the First Heaven.[18]

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July 13, 2014


Disclaimer: It should go without saying that these are by all means fictitious tales. I want to make this absolutely clear: This is not a new revelation from God. I am not dictating the Word of God. Please take everything I say here with great caution and perfect deference to the Bible. This is simply one man’s poor attempt at imagining what it would have been like to be Adam. I have tried to remain faithful to the Bible’s account and to not deviate from it.

Tales From Eden
I, Adam, son of God,[1] by my own hand, have purposed to recount all my days in the Land of Eden for all my future children. These stories have been told many times to hundreds of my children for nine hundred years of my life.[2] Now, this nine hundred and first year of my life, I have recorded these stories for an everlasting remembrance of the first works of God in the lives of mankind.

Before Eden, I wasn’t truly alive. Vague memories of confusion, uncertainty, and dullness had surrounded all my thoughts from before. I began to be unrelentingly driven for days and weeks to the strange land in the East. I neither knew why I went or to where I went, but only that I had to go. When I got there I collapsed to the ground, as if dead. A moment after I collapsed, I awoke to a magical world full of meaning and purpose. It was as if I had suddenly awoken from a long dream. 

Day 1
Vibrant colors. A crystal clear river. Lush green plants. Tall trees bursting with leaves. Colorful flowers and flying creatures of grace and elegance. A carpet of grass and moss, soft as wool. Happy creatures grazing and drinking, frolicking and hopping, running and jumping, nuzzling and kissing, resting and sleeping. Soothing aromas. Music of songbirds, gurgling of the river, and rustling of leaves in the fruit trees and bushes from the breeze. A cool mist in the air. On the horizon, through a thin layer of clouds, the sun was glowing a rich orange and yellow. A sigh of pleasure naturally flowed out. I was so alive!

Turning, I beheld the most glorious sight of all: a Man of brilliant light, shining brighter than the sun.[3] I dropped to my knees in amazed wonder and worship. There was a loveliness far greater than words, penetrating into my deepest soul and spirit, that I beheld in this One I knew was Lord of All. His every motion was love. His face was radiating, not just of blinding light, but of power and authority, confidence and strength, grace and mercy, sweetness and joy! This was my Master and Creator. I knew. I could want no other more excellent a Lord to serve. A gentle hand reached down and touched my shoulder.

A voice, mighty but soothing, filled my mind: “Rise up, Adam. I am your Father; you are My son, created in My image.[4] My Spirit has breathed into you true life, and you alone of all this creation have been made an eternal spirit who can know Me. I give you charge over all My creation.[5] All that you see is given into your hand.”

When I stood, I looked into the face of my Lord God. There I saw wisdom and truth, and all my heart’s satisfaction. A river of peace and joy and delight intensely flooded through my heart and covered my whole being.[6] For a moment that seemed to last many ages, the beautiful world around me did not seem to exist or matter. My infinite God was my loving Father!

His voice ended this wonderment. “I will show you the Garden of Eden prepared for you to enjoy and to tend.[7] He led me further to the east, to an even more rich land of plenty with streams.[8] 

Fruitful trees and plants, loaded down with fresh foods could be seen in every direction.[9] And my God commanded me not to eat of one unique tree that He showed me in the middle of this paradise, but all the others—farther than my eyes could see—were free for me to eat.[10] 

I plucked a small red, round fruit from a tree beside me and took a bite. The tastes exploded in my mouth. Soft, wet, sweet. It was refreshing to me. (Later, we called this a cherry.)

“What should I do here?” I asked my Master.

“At your pleasure, cultivate this garden so to improve its condition: water it, sow seeds, protect it from harm, uproot weeds and misplaced plants. Nurture it.”[11]

I fell and worshipped again. Praise and thanksgiving burst from my lips. My God was good and kind. “Blessed be my Lord who has made me for His pleasure! Blessed be my God who has poured out His kindness to His lowly creature!”

When I lifted my eyes, the Lord was gone. My heart sank. “My Lord, where are you?”

In my mind, I heard His voice, “I am with you always. I will return when the morning comes.”

There was so much that I knew. Many words were already familiar to me.[12] 

Understanding had been given to me when true life had been breathed into me by God. Yet, many things were still unfamiliar to me. What were these animals? How did all the creation come to be? Who was this God I loved and was fascinated with? I wanted to know the answers. Curiosity was strong within me.

It was beginning to get dark before long. I knew that I should rest and sleep, but I wanted to explore this paradise. I inspected everything as I roamed the area. I laughed in happiness at the odd creatures. I sang in worship of Him. I drank of the clear rivers. I prayed and felt His presence. I climbed trees and splashed in the water. Yet, in all that I did that first evening, I yearned to see Him again. Soon, sleep seemed more appealing. My first night was a more peaceful rest than I have ever had since. The whole of creation seemed to quickly lull me to sleep.

During my night rest, I had a great vision:

Out of the darkness, His voice spoke to me, “Behold what I have created. These are the generations of the heavens and earth of ancient days.”[13] Immediately, a small point of light grew in the darkness. It was chaotic and yet beautiful. It grew still more, and I could sense His mighty hands pulling at the chaos and I heard Him speak to it for it to keep expanding.[14] From this, came many points of light, spinning and churning and coalescing into great clusters of light. The sight was beautiful to behold.

I beheld in one of these clusters, a bright light spinning with a disk of dust about it. The Lord spoke and said, “Let the Earth come to be.” The dust then too seemed to coalesce and form small spheres. Some of these pounded together and formed a larger sphere that the Lord had called the Earth.[15]

It had grown hot and glowed red. Then, something like steam arose up from out of the ground—a mist went up.[16] A great blanket of stream covered over the earth.[17] I came to look at the surface of the earth. Water was forming on the face of all the earth, but there was a thick darkness upon the face of the waters. I looked for the source of the light, and I saw the Lord hovering over of the waters.[18] He was observing His work, as a craftsman might inspect his house.

Then He spoke, “Let there come to be light.”[19] And indeed the day seemed to dimly dawn on the face of the waters. Light from above started shining through the thick mist. Many burning, falling stars also came down and struck the earth, of which I could not understand.

Now the Daylight grew stronger as I observed, and the Lord declared that it was good.[20] The waters also grew deeper and were increased on the earth.[21] I watched as the Spirit of God moved across the waters, and He came to a great divide between darkness and light—between the Day and the Night. I was again able to see the whole sphere of earth, and I saw and understood that this great divide between darkness and light was a great circle that had formed upon the face of the deep.[22] Over the face of the waters, God had separated between the day and the night, and He had lit the atmosphere with light. I heard the Lord name the Day and the Night.[23] 

Then, something of which I could not fully understand, happened. He spoke, “Child of God, observe that I make Life and plant it in the Seas.” The arm of the Angel of the Lord reached down and touched the waters. I saw nothing. The waters did not change. He spoke again, “A very small seed was placed in the waters. From that seed all of life sprang. It was a seed taken from the ground and carefully designed to produce all living things, save you alone.”

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