September 09, 2011

Human Migration

Here's another chart for those people, like me, who appreciate charts. This chart shows the possible migration of pre-humans and humans from Adam's time onward. The dates are estimates. I believe that this explains all the genetic evidence we see today, such as that the Africans are genetically most closely related to the "pre-humans" (early Homo sapiens living in Africa). The genetic history of mankind is complex, given that there has been intermarriage between humans and "sons of God" (pre-humans).

To the unbelieving world, Adam and Eve would appear to be nothing more than highly-evolved humans who lived in Mesopotamia, and the Flood of Noah's day would seem to be nothing more than a large, local flood in Mesopotamia. The Bible gives us invaluable insight into the past events and helps us understand that there has been a huge difference between pre-humans (nothing more than animals) and humans (made in God's image).

[EDIT: Most believe that humans did not get to the Americas until somewhere around 16 Ka, but this date has been pushed back[1] to about 30 Ka recently, and I suspect the actual date is closer to 50 Ka, as shown in the picture.]


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  1. You're right about Noah's flood zone - supporting evidence for this is overwhelming. Human migration across Europe, Africa and Asia is also relatively accurate on your map - however, old photos of the inhabitants of Australia and the South Pacific, Tahiti, Fiji, etc., shows they were all black skinned with African noses and lips - their ancestors apparently migrated from Africa - they were not the "Polynesians" depicted in the Mutiny on the Bounty movies. Volumes of evidence suggests Ham's wife was a black woman while Shem's wife had Asian eyes and Asian stature.

    The human migration across the American continents was far more complex than your arrows suggest. There was no land bridge between Russia and Alaska - as the experts-on-parade inaccurately theorize - instead the Chinese had thousands of ships sailing the seas. The Apache Indians came from China and spoke Chinese, for example. You can look all this up online.

    Prior to the arrival of the Chinese, thousands and thousands of people sailed through the Mediterranean - hundreds and hundreds of them sailed through the Gibraltar Strait, into the Atlantic and found themselves in what we now know as Central and South America. The people in the Americas were Jews, brown skinned Asians, black, white, etc.

    Also be advised the Vikings were actually Turks who descended from Japheth - while the "ancient Romans" were actually blond Slavic people - all the writings on the ancient " Roman " mosaics are in Slavic languages - not Latin. This evidence is corroborated by the locations of the " ancient Roman architecture. The blond Slavs were also descended from Japheth.

    The historic timeline we're given for the ancient cultures, etc., contradicts volumes of evidence - the linguistics, the statuary, the paintings, the architecture, the fashions, etc., all tell the same story. Look at the architecture of the "Moors" for example - they were the descendants of Ham - they were not simple-minded impoverished villagers.