November 30, 2012

NEWS: Supersymmetry May Be Doomed


As noted in a past blog post, I do not believe that the Big Bang theory is entirely correct. One of the major problems with Big Bang cosmology is the predominance of matter as opposed to antimatter. The Bible indicates that God created the universe in a supernatural way—though it could be argued that that is simply referring to the creation of the fundamental properties of the universe, such as the physical laws of nature. However, there are enough problems with Big Bang cosmology predictions that I believe it is flawed. The main problem with it is that it excludes God from the picture of the formation of the universe.

My theory has been that God created a very small universe at the start, but not an infinitesimal universe as the Big Bang theory assumes. This small universe may have contained some physical particles already, which would answer the problem of matter being much more prevalent than antimatter. It might explain why there appears to be so much less matter in the universe than predicted by Big Bang cosmology. It would also allow for God to handcraft the universe and significant subsequent events in the universe simply by choosing the exact initial state of all the energy. God “stretched out” the universe, and eventually stars and galaxies and planets formed. (Now, obviously God may have been supernaturally interacting with the universe during this early stage of the universe, further molding the universe to His preferred end results.)

Those assuming a purely naturalistic answer to the formation of the universe have noted problems in the Standard Model accurately predicting the observed state(s) of the universe through time. As a result, they have searched for alternatives or extensions to the Standard Model, such as the “elegant” theory of supersymmetry. It turns out that the elegance of this theory may be all in the heads of physicists rather than real—which is a real bummer for those who worship the Creation rather than God. Also, to resolve problems with the predictions of the Standard Model, physicists have creatively invented “dark matter,” which has not been observed to exist like as predicted. “Dark matter” was invented to account for the missing matter of the universe.

“HOPES of using the Higgs boson and the elegant theory of supersymmetry as shortcuts to discovering the mysteries of the universe are evaporating fast. …

[N]ew physics is urgently needed because the standard model contains no mention of dark matter, makes incorrect predictions about the universe's antimatter and requires awkward [sic.] ‘fine-tuning’ to incorporate the Higgs mass reported in July. …

But on 14 November, armed with twice as much data, CMS and ATLAS researchers told the Hadron Collider Physics Symposium in Kyoto, Japan, that the number of taus has crept up, removing the hint of deviant physics [from the standard model]. …

If [the one anomaly left] disappears too, the probable Higgs boson will look very standard indeed, which is strange because of all the known possible extensions to the standard model, none predicts a completely standard Higg. …

As if the boson's good behaviour wasn't frustrating enough, the LHC's searches for particles predicted by supersymmetry (SUSY) have turned up nothing. As SUSY - which proposes a heavier superpartner for each known particle - extends the standard model to include dark matter and other omissions, this failure deals a further blow to possible sources of new physics at the LHC. ...”[1]  --November 23, 2012
All this means that those looking for purely naturalistic answers to the formation of the universe and its current state have been slapped in the face by the evidence. Their invention of “dark matter” is again rebuked as more a figment of their imagination than anything else. I will be happy to eat my words if they should find the missing dark matter, but I doubt they ever will. (Some matter has been found hiding in various places, which has been assumed to be dark matter, but still the majority of the predicted dark matter has not been observed.)

Notice also, the Standard Model does not explain the great excess of matter over “antimatter.” New physics is “urgently needed” by these cosmologists because the Standard Model is inadequate to explain how our universe formed, and they “urgently need” an answer that does not include God. That is, they assume that God does not exist, and they are unwilling to entertain the possibility that God was involved with the universe’s creation.

I think we are living in exciting times. New discoveries about the universe will only reinforce the Bible and the truth that God supernaturally created this universe.

EDIT [11/28/2014]: Two years after initially writing this post, supersymmetry (or, SUSY) still looks to be in bad shape as a theory. None of the predicted superpartner particles have been discovered. Some scientists are openly stating their opinion that SUSY ought to be abandoned. We'll keep following the news to see if anything changes, but I'm going to stick with my previous opinion that supersymmetry is "doomed."   




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