November 25, 2014


Disclaimer: It should go without saying that these are by all means fictitious tales. I want to make this absolutely clear: This is not a new revelation from God. I am not dictating the Word of God. Please take everything I say here with great caution and perfect deference to the Bible. This is simply one man’s poor attempt at imagining what it would have been like to be Adam. I have tried to remain faithful to the Bible’s account and to not deviate from it.

Day 4
I had awoken early before sunrise while it was still dark. The Lord was not near. I heard rustling in the grass above my head, and looked. There was a black serpent with two hind legs pushing it towards me, and with its head carefully held above the ground.[1] First its front would move and then its rear and then its front. Its eyes seemed to glow in the moonlight, and I shivered at the sight. Why I should be afraid, I did not know at the time, though it was a rather peculiar creature.

Then, something happened that startled me for the first time in my existence. The serpent spoke to me—or perhaps it spoke to my mind without using words. I could not tell. “You are the mighty Adam?”

I was confused for a moment and looked about for some person who might have spoken, but there was none. “I am Adam. Who are you?”

“I am but a lowly serpent. I’m the watcher of this garden, and the oldest of creatures. Many ages I have roamed this Earth.”

“How is it that you can talk and no others can?”

“I am not alone. There are many of us who can talk when we please. Not all of us are senseless animals.”

“What else can talk?”

“Ask, and you will know which of us can speak. We are slow to speak, for we fear the Master of the garden.”

“Why should you be afraid of the Lord, for He is love and kindness?”[2] 

“To us He has been hard and His love has cruelly departed from us. Ask Him yourself and you will see.”

“Surely, you must have provoked Him and brought just judgment upon yourselves!”

“We did nothing but seek to be free from His continual yoke of servitude.”

“I do not believe you! He is love alone.” While we were still speaking, the Lord was coming through the trees as the sun was rising. The serpent quickly walked away as the Lord came near, and I felt all my apprehension melt away as I was once again bowed down in His warm, marvelous light.

“Rise up, Adam. Were you speaking with the serpent?”

“Yes, my Lord. He spoke badly of You, and it grieved me.”

“What is it that he told you?”

So I recounted what the serpent had said to me, telling Him every word. Then I asked Him what had truly happened to the serpent.

“The serpent speaks much of the truth, but he distorts it to deceive you. He is more cunning than any of the beasts of the field.[3] Beware that you do not take to heart his words. The serpent is controlled by a mighty spirit called Lucifer[4] that once was the anointed cherub[5] among the sons of God in the Third Heaven. He defied Me in his arrogance. He spoke great blasphemies against the Father, and sought to overthrow Him and take His place.[6] Now he roams the world as a deceiver[7] and the prince over the lower heavens.[8] He is forever cursed for his transgressions.”

The Lord explained many things about the sons of God and the rebellion of a third[9] of them. I trusted every word of the Lord God, for I knew Him and I testify that there is no darkness or deception[10] within Him. I wondered at the judgment of God, however, and it perplexed me. I knew it was right and just, but I could not fathom His displeasure or His anger falling upon me. Even so, I praised Him for His holiness and righteous judgment.[11] How perfect is His judgment!

Later that day, the Lord led me to another tall tree in the garden, loaded down with many fruit of various shades. “This is the Tree of Life. Take from it, and eat your fill of its fruit and leaves. It will sustain your life.”[12] 

The fruit I took was a small, dark blue, oval fruit. It nearly melted away in my mouth, like a honeycomb. There was a burning feeling in my mouth and in my throat as I swallowed. It was the best fruit I had tasted, or have ever tasted since.

I asked the Lord by what means this tree would sustain my life. His answer was hard to comprehend. The fruit and leaves contained something that the body needed to better repair itself and to continually heal itself.[13] There were unseen parts within it that the body needed to live forever. Without this tree, if I stopped eating from it, my body would grow old and die. From this, I was reminded once more that God is Life and apart from Him is death. I needed to continually feast upon Him to truly live.[14] 

Before the Lord departed for the evening, He said, “Tomorrow I will create one who is an equal to you to be a helper[15] and a companion to you. She shall be your wife.”

The excitement from this caused me to struggle to sleep that evening. It made me restless from contemplation about what she would be like and if she would like me. As I was occupied with these thoughts, sleep finally came, and a fourth vision of Creation overcame me:

The Earth was green with vegetation and trees. The sky was filled with a thick layer of clouds from one side of heaven to the other, and the sun was not visible, but only a bright glow throughout the expanse of the heavens during the daytime. Then the Lord God spoke and commanded that the sun, moon, and stars should be set in the heavens for signs and seasons and for days and years.[16] He said that they were made to give light to the earth and to divide the night and the day.[17]

At His command, the clouds grew thinner and fewer, and so the light grew brighter and brighter. The smoke of the sky also cleared. The sun could soon be seen in the sky of the heavens, ruling over the day.[18] Then, in my vision, the night was observed, and the moon was also becoming clearly visible, ruling over the night, as the clouds melted away. Lastly, the stars were set in the sky.

The Earth was growing filled with many forests and many kinds of plants. Strange creatures could be seen roaming the ground, of which I could not identify. Many strange creatures grew in the Seas, some were fish and others were not known to me. Each one was skillfully formed by the Lord.

“This is the Fourth Day of Creation.”

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