May 19, 2011

NEWS: Sodium Channels Critical to Nervous Systems Existed Before Nervous Systems

An essential component of animal nervous systems — sodium channels — evolved prior to the evolution of those systems, researchers from The University of Texas at Austin have discovered. ...

Zakon, Hillis and Liebeskind discovered the genes for such sodium channels hiding within an organism that isn’t even made of multiple cells, much less any neurons. The single-celled organism is a choanoflagellate, and it is distantly related to multi-cellular animals such as jellyfish and humans. ...

Because the sodium channel genes were found in choanoflagellates, the scientists propose that the genes originated not only before the advent of the nervous system, but even before the evolution of multicellularity itself.
(I have been predicting findings like the one above, and the prediction has been overwhelmingly fulfilled, beyond my own expectations. Such findings fit perfectly with evolutionary creationism. If a theory is consistently verified by evidence, then it is a worthwhile theory.)

So, a critical channel for nervous systems existed before nervous systems. Huh. This channel isn't extremely simple, either. Just to be clear, in this article the evolutionists had to say that they believe that things "do not spring up from nowhere". Maybe they're afraid that the evidence is pointing that way? The complex genetic codes in animals did spring up from nowhere (on earth). God created information necessary for complex life. That is the thesis of this blog, and almost weekly new information is surfacing that shows that all life shares complex genetic information.

This particular finding referenced above is a perfect example of how this thesis is superior to naturalistic, Darwinian evolution. The article says that these sodium channels critical for nervous systems "were likely" doing something else before nervous systems came into existence. Well, they are forced to assume that, even if there is absolutely no evidence for that idea. I have a better proposal: the information was not being used for anything else before complex life, but it was there all along waiting for complex life to evolve. Problem solved.

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