May 06, 2011

Basic Problems with Uncreated Evolution

(Note: I'm obviously using "evolution" in the broadest sense, such that it includes the evolution of stars, galaxies, and planets.)

1) IN THE BEGINNING… There are no good scientific evidences that give us an explanation of where the universe with its set of laws came from, or how matter won out over antimatter. Scientists are constantly coming up with theories to try to explain the Big Bang or how the initial formation of the universe happened, and yet they have no evidence to support their theories. The Bible says, “In the beginning God created …” the universe. It was created from nothing, and so far scientists are stumped to find an evidentially-validated alternative idea for the beginning of all things. It was a miracle. 

2) ORIGINAL CELLULAR LIFE… Scientists are “clueless” about the beginning of cellular life. There are theories (always theories), but no evidence to strongly support any of the theories. How did life and complexity come about? The only reasonable answer is that God made the cell-design and encoded within it all the necessary information and designs for all of life to spring forth in time. I don’t think it can be overemphasized that scientists are completely stumped to come up with a complete theory that is widely accepted as the way that life began. There are many imagined concepts of how it could have happened, but only simple concepts that aren’t validated by evidence. It was a miracle.

3) ANCIENT GENETIC COMPLEXITY… All animals share basic genetic codes. Many of these are complex designs essential for life. Scientists are increasingly puzzled, it seems, about the amount of complex genetic information that was apparently already in existence before animals even existed. Some of the information seems to be specifically tailored for animals, but it existed before animals. The most obvious answer is not acceptable for atheistic evolutionists: an intelligent Creator designed libraries of information for all life forms. It was a miracle.

4) HUMAN REASON, SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS, AND SPIRITUALITY… Finally, scientists are unsure as to how early “people” (more like apes) somehow gained full self-awareness and high intelligence and spirituality. It just happened. There are no good theories validated by evidence that can explain how an animal became human—how the human intellect became so much more superior to any animal intellect. The Bible says, “God created …” man; He supernaturally breathed a spirit into a human body. So far, no scientist can remotely refute that point on the basis of evidence. It was a miracle.

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