May 06, 2011

Purpose of This Blog

No, unfortunately I'm not a scientist. (In case anyone is interested, my highest degree of education is a bachelor's degree.) I'm just a lowly person who likes to speak his mind.  One of my passions is the history of the universe.  How did everything get formed?  Another one of my passions is the fossil record.  New discoveries are popping up almost daily.  I believe in a form of evolution from all the evidence I've seen.  I do follow the evidence where it leads, and in this case it led to evolution.  However, I'm also a devout Christian, and I fully believe the Bible is God's Word.  I am a solid creationist.  A contradiction?  I think not.

My conclusion of all the evidence in nature is that evolution is true, but it had to have been a designed form of evolution.  Evolution as Darwin saw it is bankrupt and an untenable theory, though he got a couple of points right.  From what I can tell, simple life did evolve into complex life, but not by accident or by random happenstance.  Lots of randomness was involved, but it wasn’t the randomness that produced the complexity of life.  No, complexity came from an infinitely Wise Creator.

The purpose of this blog is to promote this theory: evolution was a carefully designed process.  The original cellular life on earth was miraculously created by God.  The first life had complex genetic codes built into it to allow for rapid adaptation, macroevolution, beneficial mutation, and the expression of new body parts.  The design for an eye, for example, was already existing within the genome of the first cellular life.  So, too, were the designs of many complex components already stored within the first life.  From the study of genomes, one can see that complex designs can be latently stored within them.  (For example, eyeless cave fish have been found to produce offspring with eyes when bred together.)

There are many questions I hope to answer.  Is this theory falsifiable?  Is there evidence for this theory as opposed to general evolutionary theory?  Doesn’t this contradict the Bible’s account of creation?  Why would God use an evolutionary process to create?

I also hope to comment on current news items that pertain to evolution.  It’s my hope to show that more and more evidence is surfacing to support this theory.

Stay tuned.

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